Las Las Vegas Bounces Back, But US Areas Flounder Elsewhere

Las Las Vegas Bounces Back, But US Areas Flounder Elsewhere

While the Las Vegas Strip is finally building a comeback, other regional gambling areas continue to struggle. (Image:

Las Vegas is officially on the up, but that didn’t stop Moody’s Investors Service from downgrading its view of the US casino gaming market from “stable” to “negative” recently. Yes, while the Las Vegas Strip is mostly about to experience its fifth yearly gaming revenue gain since the economic depression of 2008, regional markets elsewhere in America are failing to bounce straight back from the recession.

Presently 28 states host casinos, with several, such as New Hampshire and Kentucky, considering legalization, as well as others, notably New York and Massachusetts, going right on through some type of casino legalization or expansion process at present. And yet, in accordance with analysts, it appears that outside of vegas, Americans just aren’t gambling enough.

“The fact gaming that is regional excluding Nevada remained flat, despite further improvement throughout the market and additional regional casinos throughout the US, is really a strong indication that US customers will continue to limit their spending to items more crucial than gaming, even while the US economy continues to boost,” Moody’s explained in a report posted earlier in the day this thirty days.

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